New lightweight materials used in the construction of premier and sports vehicles require the highest skilled technicians to repair the vehicles to the most exacting standards.

Investment in Technology and People

Repairing vehicles made from aluminium, high performance steels and other composites requires specialist skills, tools, equipment and facilities. We have therefor invested heavily in the latest high-tech equipment and training so that any repairs we undertake will make your treasured vehicle as good as new.

The workshops area need to be carefully monitored to ensure that there is no contamination or potential for corrosion that can undermine a repair. Working on high specification vehicles requires specialist joining and welding equipment. All this work is undertaken to exacting detail to maintain the structural integrity or the vehicle, and the original specifications set by the manufacturer. Anything less could result in the vehicle being weakened and reduced safety and rigidity.

As Good as New

With the Structural Aluminium team all jobs are performed to the highest standard. We utilise our wealth of experience and expertise, to determine how to dismantle the vehicle, the most appropriate areas to join any replacement panels, and re-assembly. Your vehicle will be returned to you in the same structural condition as it was before the accident, and as good as new.